13 Jul ’24 Does “Pet Sematary” count?

Save the Cat!

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot was screenwriter Blake Snyder’s first spec sale, bringing in half a million dollars after a bidding war, but he only wrote one other script that got produced.

This didn’t stop him from also writing a screenwriting manual though. Save the Cat!: The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need presents structures and rules, with a “Blake Snyder Beat Sheet” laying out key moments. Its title comes from the rule about making sure the hero does something likeable so the audience roots for them.

It’s been a bestseller since 2005, spawning two follow-ups from Snyder and more since his death in 2009. Some have even blamed it for Hollywood sameyness, so in a roundabout way Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot may have made a lasting impact on movie-making.

20 Jun ’24 Arnie’s mind games

At the height of their rivalry, often jostling for roles, Arnold Schwarzenegger pretended he wanted to do Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot to trick Stallone into taking it:

Stallone responded to that interview by offering to write, direct and produce a sequel for him.